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The National Association for Medical Direction of Respiratory Care

NAMDRC Program Committee - 2017

In accordance with accepted guidelines the Program Committee is the sole determinant of the topics and speakers. Corporate Supporters do not provide input to the Annual Meeting Educational Program Committee or in any other way participate in discussions of meeting topics or speakers.

Charles W. Atwood, MD, Co-Chairperson
James P. Lamberti, MD, Co-Chairperson
Albee L. Budnitz, MD
Dennis E. Doherty, MD
Kent Christopher, MD
Peter C. Gay, MD
Peter S. Marshall, MD
Timothy A. Morris, MD
Sally O’Neill, PhD
Kathleen F. Sarmiento, MD
Valerie A. Schneider, MD
Thomas M. Siler, MD
Maida V. Soghikian, MD
Phillip Porte, NAMDRC, Executive Director
Karen Lui, RN, MS, NAMDRC, Associate Executive Director
Vickie Parshall, NAMDRC, Director Member Services

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