Types of Lung Diseases & Their Cause

Lung diseases are one of the most common medical conditions known to humankind. There are tens of millions of people who have lung disease in the United States alone. Most lung diseases are caused by infections, smoking or genes. The lungs are part of a complex system, expanding and contracting thousands of times every day […]

How To Sleep With Shortness Of Breath

People who live with chronic lung diseases are most likely to experience shortness of breath. Most people agree that shortness of breath is one of the most alarming symptoms of chronic lung disease. Such diseases make it too inconvenient for people to breathe normally, so people often have trouble maintaining sufficient blood oxygen levels. A […]

How to Increase Lung Capacity: Breathing Exercises

Lung capacity is defined as the total amount of air that the lungs can hold. Over a period of time, the lung capacity and lung function decrease slowly as we age beyond our mid-20s. Certain conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), can significantly reduce lung capacity and function, leading to difficulty breathing and […]

7 Natural Ways To Cleanse Your Lungs

Lung cleansing techniques can benefit people who get regularly exposed to air pollution, those with chronic conditions which affect the respiratory system like asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis etc. and people who smoke. Below are some breathing exercises and lifestyle changes which can help get rid of excess mucus from the lungs as well as improve […]

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