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Introducing the NAMRDC Blog

I am very excited to launch the new NAMDRC blog with this initial post. This blog is being started by NAMDRC to add a voice to the Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine communities. My goal as the blog master is to make sure our voice is  passionate, engaged and, above all, interesting. No one has time for anything less than that.

What is NAMDRC? We are a physician professional society in Pulmonary, Critical Care and, increasingly Sleep Medicine. We are small but we have big footprint in the area of regulatory and governmental affairs in medicine. We exist in the space between the scientific expertise of the American Thoracic Society and the education/training/simulation space of CHEST. NAMDRC takes on the role of governmental affairs in clinical medicine. We work with governmental agencies (CMS, FDA, HHS) and the Congress to try to eliminate regulatory burdens and barriers between clinicians and their patients. NAMDRC fills a hugely important and sometimes overlooked niche in Pulmonary, CCM and Sleep Medicine worlds.

What can you expect from this blog?

  1. Updates from the world of regulatory medicine that impact clinical practice.
  2. Important new developments in clinical care – important clinical trial results.
  3. Information about NAMDRC – who we are and what we do

I will lead the blogging but will also recruit guest bloggers – different voices, different ideas.

Please give me your feedback, your ideas, your thoughts – we really want to start a conversation, not have a monologue.

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