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NAMDRC Executive Director
Friday, March 13
11:45 am

Phillip Porte was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors Degree in English and a minor in Political Science (1970).

After a relatively short stint with City New Bureau, CBS News, and St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital Center, all in Chicago, he arrived in Washington, DC in 1976 to work at the National Health Policy Forum, a foundation funded program that runs educational seminars for Federal health policymakers.  While going to graduate school at the George Washington University in the Masters Program for Public Administration, he immersed himself in the nuances of national health policy.  In 1978 he opened his own health care consulting and lobbying firm, representing the American Association for Respiratory Care.  In the 41 years since, GRQ has established a strong reputation in the field of pulmonary medicine, representing NAMDRC as well as other pulmonary medicine societies, device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and providers of hospital, nursing home and home care.

He has published articles in numerous journals relating to pulmonary medicine coverage and payment issues and has served as Executive Director of NAMDRC, a client of GRQ since 1979, for approximately 40+ years, and as Executive Director of California Thoracic Society, a client of GRQ since 2016.

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