Revolutionizing Pharmaceuticals: The Strategic Use of QR Codes in the Industry

QR codes have been around for a while. Yet, their influence continues to grow. While it is believed that their time has come to an end, the situation in the pharmaceutical industry proves otherwise.

When you take into account their help in tracking products, gathering information, and safety above all, you can see how they managed to have a great influence in this domain. If you’ve been unaware of their massive influence in the pharmaceutical industry, keep reading and learn just how many QR codes are present here. Let’s start with the basics.

QR Codes and Drug Authentication

qr code and drugs

The pharmaceutical industry is a place where the tides of competition are quite high. Not only are different companies battling for dominion on the market, they also face a lot of counterfeit medicines. This is not only bad economically, but it can endanger the health of end users. Counterfeit medicines are a massive problem in this industry.

By using a simple QR code you can put an end to this. This is what most pharmaceutical manufacturers are doing to give authenticity to their products. The funny thing is that this way of handling business in this department hasn’t gained traction a long time ago.

A Streamlined Supply Chain

Managing supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry is not an easy task. But, using QR codes such as those from Adobe Express can make a world of difference – and it does. If you don’t know, when it comes to tracking products QR codes have a massive advantage compared to anything you’ve seen.

When it comes to moving medicines from the manufacturing process to the distribution, QR codes play a massive role. This is the tech that immensely reduced the disruption of supply chains. Thanks to these codes the amount of shortages and overstocking is reduced almost to nil. On the positive end of the spectrum, it optimized every supply chain which had patient safety as a result which matters more than anything else.

QR Codes aid in Medication Adherence

qr code scan on medic box

Considering that the end means of every medicine is to help people, it is amazing to see just how much QR codes can aid in this field. One could argue that they’re making a revolution in medication adherence. How, you might ask? Well, the best part is that even the most complicated medicines can be made simple to patients.

For example, today, when you scan a QR code you can easily access all the important data that comes with a certain medication starting from its content to dosage and potential side effects. For patients who have cognitive issues, this could prove to be a real lifesaver.

Medical Research and Clinical Trials

It is hard to believe that something that small, such as QR codes can influence massive events such as clinical trials and medical research. But, it nonetheless does. For one it is unparalleled in collecting data, recruiting patients, and managing studies.

Later on, when it comes to human participation thanks to QR codes it is easy to get trial data, patient consent, personal data, and of course the accuracy of all the trials conducted. Testing new drugs is no easy feat and the accuracy of results is paramount. With the small wonder that QR code is, today it is easier than ever to be precise as the pharmaceutical industry requires it.

Regulatory Compliance

You’ve seen the movies, right? About all those shady pharmaceutical corporations? Real life is a bit different. Pharmaceutical companies need to adhere to strict regulatory standards. This compliance is vital for their healthy business operation.

The only way to guarantee patient safety is to meet all the requirements imposed by the industry itself and different health organizations that oversee the whole manufacturing process. This is where QR codes step in. By scanning one, every patient or end user can check if any given medicine complies with regulations.

Patient Empowerment

patient empowerment

You can say whatever you like, but the end goal of every pharmaceutical product is to help the patients. While any product might be the best of its kind, if not used properly, it will not provide the desired results.

Patients often are unsure which medicine to use and when, and we shouldn’t even speak of dosages. This is where QR codes can play a vital role. By scanning the code they can learn all the important information regarding any given medicine. In the long run, this ensures their health and life longevity. In the case of an emergency use a QR code to find out about a medication’s best usage and save lives in the process.

When used properly, QR codes in the pharmaceutical industry can aid in patient empowerment which should be the end goal of both the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The number of medication misusages and undesired side effects can be lowered to levels unseen before, and it’s all thanks to the availability of QR codes that can be scanned and accessed via smartphones.

QR Codes and Telemedicine

We live in blessed times that are powered by technology. This is what has given birth to telemedicine. Today, you can have access to your designated doctor via technology. Patient care is elevated to another level, and it’s only going forward from this point.

Having medical care accessible at the palm of your hand is something we could only dream about in the past. Today, QR codes are integrated not only into medicine but into the pharmaceutical industry too. This is why after scanning a QR code you can have a tele-pharmacy consultation with experts or simply reserve your next dose of medicine with your local pharmacy.

Bottom Line

QR Codes have been around for a while, and they will stay put in the foreseeable future. Considering how they found their way to the pharmaceutical industry, and with a great set of methods and ways they can be applied, their overall usage will increase in the coming years and we’re not only talking about this domain. In the article above you can see their immediate influence and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.